21 4 / 2013

Come to the release party for the 2012-2013 edition of Waiilatpu! Here, you’ll be able to pick up pre-ordered books, purchase a yearbook, eat free pizza, participate in a raffle, and listen to Schwa perform! 

We will be selling 2012-2013 books for $30 and 2011-2012 books for $5.

If you pre-ordered a book but are unable to attend the release party, fear not! We will campus mail any books that have not been picked up on Monday, April 29. 

If you did not order a yearbook but want one, we encourage you to come to the release party to buy a copy while supplies last. We can take cash, check, and swipe with your WID.

So come on by the Reid basement April 24 at 5 pm to celebrate the release of this year’s Waiilatpu! It’s bound to be a great time. 

RSVP to our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/124218964439068/

17 4 / 2013

Here are some of our 2012-2013 pages! Be sure to check them out.

10 4 / 2013

We are happy to announce that we have ordered 150 copies of this year’s Whitman yearbook. If you weren’t able to pre-order a copy, fear not. We will be selling yearbooks (while supplies last) beginning at our release party on April 24. More information coming soon!

11 2 / 2013

Hey Whitman!
Do you love taking pictures of yourself and your friends doing cool things? Want those awesome pictures to be in a book with your name on them? Well then, you should submit pictures to Waiilatpu (the Whitman yearbook)!
If you submit 30 or more pictures by February 27, you will receive a nifty Waiilatpu t-shirt for FREE! 
Submitting picures is super easy, just send them to waiilatpu@whitman.edu, contact us to give us a CD or flashdrive, or upload them to google docs and share them with us!
We’re looking forward to receiving your pictures!
Love, Waiilatpu